Sagging “L” shaped shower curtain rod, how do we fix it so it doesn’t droop?

Shower Rod

cakelady asks:

We have a curved “L” shaped shower curtain rod that we replaced about 6 months ago because the old one drooped. Now within the last couple of months, the new one is now drooping. Does anyone know how to fix this? We do not have the space or money in that bathroom for a remodel, we just want to have a shower curtain that doesn’t droop at the L. Any suggestions will be appreciated!!!
The previous owners of our house dropped the ceiling, so there is nothing to secure a chain or bracket to without chancing the ceiling being ripped apart. We also don’t hang anything on the rod besides the shower curtain. I’m just lost and don’t know what to do without expensive remodeling/repairs.

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Answer by uther_aurelianus
Attach a rod or wire from the middle of the rod to the ceiling. This will prevent being able to open the curtain the whole way, but it will counter your droop.

How is your closet organized, when two people have to share it?


tinax3 asks:

I have to share a closet, and I need help on ideas to keep it organized, and split it up equally.

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Answer by E
The woman obviously needs more room than the man. Shoes are organized on the top in some shoe holders. Boxes with out of season clothes are on the bottom. Organize by color. That way making outfits is easier and you have more options.

How often should you bath a 6 month old?


M Mama asks:

I have a 6 month old daughter. We usually give her 2 baths/week but if she has a blowout, we’ll give her a bath then also. Should we be giving her a bath every night or more often than what we are?

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Answer by Heather
yes every night she should have a bath…. not only does it keep her warm but it also sooths her to calm her down and babies normally love water from being in the tummy for 9 months… make sur to put lotion on her

What age should children take their own bath insted being together?


Proud mom of 3 asks:

Right now my boys are 6 and one be four next month. They are still taking bath together and having fun. I am wondering what age should they be taking their own baths without one being in there. I know right now they have no problem taking a bath together and they have fun taking the bath together. I just wondering want age should they stop taking bath together.

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Answer by Velken
Since they are the same sex, I don’t see an issue until the eldest asks about bathing solo. You might even ask him if he wants to try bathing by himself. I have different sex children and when my daughter got a bit too curious about brother’s penis (she was 2-3), then it was time for seperate baths! I have no issue with him playing with it, but not her!