Will my laundry hamper kill my children?

Laundry Hamper

Culture Warrior asks:

Last night the local news said that it could and after the commercial they would say how but I fell asleep. Will my laundry hamper kill my children? Should I throw it away?

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Answer by His LadyBug
if your hamper has been recalled, then yes, throw it away and get a different brand.. But I don’t really see how a hamper would kill a child.. unless it was air locked or something like that. Or just move the hamper to a spot where your children can not get to it.. not a hard decision, just don’t let them play with it..

5 thoughts on “Will my laundry hamper kill my children?

  1. Why don’t you look up the story on the news channel’s website?

    Honestly, I don’t see how a hamper would kill a child unless someone else was assisting in trapping them in there.

  2. no you should not throw you laundry hamper away, and im sure its possible to kill your children depending on their age but i honestly don’t see you letting that happen considering your ready to throw it away just be careful with it

  3. how old are your kids? if they are young enough to get hurt the, its you call. but if it’s high enough off the ground, you should be good. me and my brothers always palyed in ours from the time we could get into it. we never died 🙂

  4. maybe if it has water or something in it that a kid could drown or suffocate after falling in. That’s all I can think of.

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