Which way does the shower curtain hooks goes?

Shower Hook

Emmiesays asks:

Hello, i just bought this really cute shower curtain hooks at Macy’s. It’s silver and it’s a shaped of a “C” or “G.” I also bought a really cute shower curtain to goes with it, but I don’t know which way is the hooks suppose to be? Here is a picture of the hooks.


Also what is outward and inward of the hooks? Sorry I’m new to this stuff. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Alan S
I think that the side without the little ball on it goes through the hole in the shower curtain. The little ball on the end blocks the curtain from coming off the hook, and that should be at the bottom part of the hook.

As far as which way the hook should face (whether the end with the ball on it points into the shower or away from the shower), I’m not sure, and I don’t know if it matters. It might depend on which way makes it easier for you to put up the shower curtain.

5 thoughts on “Which way does the shower curtain hooks goes?

  1. The top of the hook is the one without the ball on the end. Slide that on the rod with the lower hook with ball facing forward. Your shower curtain hangs on the ball end which keeps it from sliding off.

  2. Ball part of hook faces outward. In other words once you walk into your bathroom you can see decorative ball ends. The open end is what goes into the shower part. Cool Hooks!!

  3. The open end should go on the inside of the shower, with the round end at the bottom. From the look of these, hanging that new curtain should be a breeze. Too bad you didn’t include a pic of the curtain too. If your still not sure, go back to Macy’s and look for a display with your hooks.

  4. The closed side always faces outward, as far as the rules go, but you as an individual have the creative freedom to design as you see fit. So if for some reason you like the other way then go with it. I am sure that you are a very fashion savy person.

  5. Look at both sides and choose the one you think looks the nicest. Put that to the outside of the shower or tub. Outside….meaning the part that will be seen first when you walk into the room.

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