Which is better for the Wii Remote rechargeable batteries or the NYKO charging station?

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Dabesteva asks:

Is the Nyko recharging station good to use for Wii remotes or should I use rechargeable batteries?

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Answer by A?Guy
Do you use the Wii Remote Jacket? If so, removing it every time to use the charging station is reportedly a HUGE pain in the butt. I use Duracell rechargeable batteries( according to Nintendo, you should only use NiMH rechargeable batteries, not Lithium-ion or any other type) and I am very happy with their performance.

5 thoughts on “Which is better for the Wii Remote rechargeable batteries or the NYKO charging station?

  1. Remember sometimes rechargable batteries won’t last long. I had mine for over a year, and my station kept crapping out on me, so I bought a Nyko Charging Station, and it works wonders. It’ll save you the trouble of ever using AA batteries ever again!

  2. Get the rechargable batteries because you can use them on other things. I heard charging stations are bad for the Wii remote.

  3. I recommend the charging station. I own it, and if you follow the instructions, the battery pak can go quite some hours before needing charging. It also comes with special remote backings that have a grip, and it can charge the remote relatively fast.

  4. nyco charging station. I have it and love it my remotes are always charged it comes with gribed covers and it provides a nice stand. And every one is talking about the jackets, it dosent matter u can play during the day take the jackest off at night when ur sleeping to charge them. And the nyco station keeps them charged for 13 hours.

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