Whats the difference between decorative oil and bath oil?


Fallen&Broken asks:

I was advised to apply decorative oil directly to my body after showering, but it looks just like bath oil that you pour into the bath water? How to use decorative oil exactly?

Best answer:

Answer by Mrs. Lamb W.
Decorative Oil and Bath Oil are made totally differently!!
Decorative Oil is made to smell from a candle burner.
Bath Oil is made to soak into you body and make you feel better.
Who ever advised you, was not thinking about your health!
The ONLY OIL that you can use for BOTH decorative and body is ESSENTIAL OIL. A little goes a long way!! You can pick up essential oils at health stores or you local spa. I know that GNC, the Body Shop and the Body Works stores carry essential oils. Before you get to “creative” with the smells of the essential oils, read up on the effects that these oils have. Some are photo sensitive, strong smelling, and some may cause an allergic reaction.

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