What’s in My Pencil Case

My pencil case is from smiggle(an Australian and New Zealand stationary shop). I hope u liked it please comment and subscribe.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “What’s in My Pencil Case

  1. @2Cu1343v3r thnx haha it was my first real video that i made so i guess it wasnt the best haha but i will keep trying and i hope my other videos r not as boring and r better than this although this vid has the most views lol

  2. i did a new video on this type of stuff soooo if you will like you can go and see it thanxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh by the way i love your stuff:P

  3. @jenniferisobeljones i dont really know my mum just bought it for me from singapore but i recon it was a japanese shop coz i have tons of rulers just like that

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