What is this icon in my system tray?

Letter Tray

Macho Country Man asks:

I have an icon that I cannot click in my system tray. It has a letter “A” in in, its in a square with a half-circle on the top of the square. I let my dad borrow my laptop, and now its on there…I don’t want to ask him what it is – do you think he is spying on me? There have been no recently added programs…
Nothing shows up when I hover over it…there is no description

Best answer:

Answer by poolekiteman
put your mouse cursor over that icon – a description should pop up
post that description here, or Google for it.
If you right click that icon – does a menu pop up?
tell us more!

One thought on “What is this icon in my system tray?

  1. Never heard of that specific icon, however it is possible he has a program set up to spy on you, or a very badly designed virus. It is also possible that a program was installed, but no folder was made in the start menu. Or, it could be running directly as a .exe file. try ctrl+alt+delete, and click the process tab. sort processes by user, and tell us what is running unless you can spot it yourself. I can probably get back to you within 24 hours if you do that.

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