What is the shelf life of unopened hair color?


kiraalt asks:

I have a box of hair color that I bought intending to use it right away. However, I have now decided to wait about 6 more months until my hair grows out a lot more. Everything is in the box unopened.

I cannot see an expiration date on the box.

What is the shelf life/how long can I keep it and have it still be safe and good to use?

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Answer by maria m
I assume the hair color contains peroxide. If so, get rid of it and only mix what ur goiong to use in the future. Once color is mixed it begins to oxidize and lose it’s strength. Get a new color or better yet put it in the hands of professionals………Supposed 2 work every time. Have a consultattion done EVERYTIME! U forgot to mention the type of color semipermanent, demi-permanent, Rinse so i hope this helps.

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  1. Unopened, UnMixed Permanent Haircolor Should Be Good For At Least Three (3) To Five (5) Years From The Date Of Manufacture, If The Product In The Haircolor Bottle Looks Dark Or Muddy Or Has Sediment in The Bottom, Throw It Out. If The Bottle With Developer Has Swelled Or The Developer Has “Separated” Throw It Out. Remember To Store It In A COOL Dry Place Until You Use It.

  2. Since you said that it was unopened, it should be fine for 6 months. That’s about how long I waited to use mine. I had bought Clairol Nice ‘n Easy.

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