What is the purpose of an ‘optional additional paper tray’ for printers?

Legal Tray

bijou asks:

My printer has gone beserk, and its a $ 700 color laser one, that’s only 8 months old. It has decided all on its own to only accept faxes on LEGAL sized paper! This has become quite a problem. I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it a total of 4 times with no luck. I’ve double checked my settings countless times, and it is set to receive faxes on regular sized paper. What in the world is going on? My solution was to just buy the lower tray, so we don’t have to keep switching, but the tray itself costs over $ 500 bucks! How much do you think a printer repairman would charge to fix this? What would be more cost efficient? A new tray or a geek? Do they sell ‘used’ trays? What is the purpose of an additional tray, and are the same as the tray that came with it? More specifically, will it hold legal sized paper?
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Yes, there is a little LCD display on the printer, and I checked that too. It says the fax is set to receive regular sized paper! CRAZY! This printer is on the fritz half the time. Often I have to shut it off just and turn it back on again just to get it to print. Wonder if I got a lemon?

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Answer by Greg
used trays – possibly, but maybe only with used printers.

additional trays – for color paper, hole punch, letter head, other size paper, larger quantities of paper, etc..

hold legal – if you get one that supports legal.

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  1. Does the printer have a control panel if so have you checked the settings on the printer. The extra lower tray will will hold legal sized paper and normally the extra tray will take 500 sheets of paper

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