What is the best way to join carpet at the corners of my speaker box?


Nick S asks:

I built a speaker box, but now the last step is to carpet it. I have the materials, but I dont know how to make the corners look the clean. The box is basically a rectangular prism, but the sides are on the outside of the box like a cap. (they are as big as the max dimensions of the box. I say this because most people build their box so their sides are “within” the box, as opposed to mine which are put on the outside and are the last pieces to be glued to the box)

It looks similar to this, minus the sides:

I am NOT carpeting the sides, but painting them to add some contrasting color. So, how do I make the seam between the faces of the box and the sides look nice?

My dad said to just wrap the fabric around the edges so it goes inside the box, then attach the sides. But, I feel that this will compromise the structural integrity of the box. It has to be strong for two 12 inch subwoofers.

Best answer:

Answer by james y
spay adheasive or a good glue and then staple it. i would fiberglass the box if you did not use medite(md board) the real dense stuff. they als make some nice molding strips for all kinds of carpet for blind edges or run stops. any home center has em. sure hope you ran a speaker box calculator for the box designs and port for the specific speaker you are using.

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