What is the best solution available to liquify bath soap that accidentally clogged the inside of toilet bowl?


peter v asks:

A common bath soap has accidentally droped into the toilet bowl and goes its way down to the pipe elbow below that clogged the bowl for several days now. With previous observations, bath soap don’t disolves easily in a presence of an ordinary liquid such as tap water. Please help me find means to desolve it using any active substances/chemical solutions available in the market… thank you very much

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Answer by Anita
Try a big pot of boiling water. Throw some baking soda in it. Make sure the pot isn’t too full of water so the baking soda doesn’t make it overflow. Keep adding more boiling water with baking soda, without flushing, until the water readily flows down without backing up beyond the normal water level. You should then be able to flush.

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  1. Get a wire hanger and straighten it out leaving the little hook for a handle. Take it and push it down into the drain of the bowl—DO NOT LET GO! This will help to break up the soap. After jabbing at it a bit take a bucket of warm water and throw it down, also use the plunger for a vaccuum affect. If clear, the water should go down. Try another bucket of water and if that goes down you’re home free at least to get the toilet to pass its contents. There may be remainders of soap that will dissolve over time.

  2. Try a drain snake to either retrieve the bar, or else break it up and flush it down.

    If that doesn’t work, remove the toilet from the floor, and find whether the soap is inside the toilet, or inside the drain pipe. Here’s how:

    Turn the water supply off, flush the toilet to get rid of as much water as you can, and bail out the rest.

    Get a large sheet of cardboard, and set it nearby. It will protect the floor from damage when you lift the toilet. Unbolt the toilet from the floor, and disconnect the water supply line.

    Straddle the toilet, and lift it up off the floor. Set it down on the cardboard.

    Look inside the drain pipe for any sign of the soap. If you don’t find it, carefully tip the toilet over, and look inside the base for the soap.

    The toilet is sealed to the floor by a wax ring. You’ll have to replace that when you replace the toilet. You can get one at any hardware or home improvement store. Clean all the wax off the bottom of the toilet, and off the end of the floor drain pipe. Unwrap the new wax ring, and place it on top of the floor pipe. Pick up the toilet, and carefully place it back in place over the pipe. The bolts that hold it in place should line up with the holes in the flange. Loosely fasten them in place, then sit on the toilet to squeeze it down into the wax to make the seal. Tighten the bolts, reconnect the water line, and you should be good to go.

    The links below have more on this. The first one links to a video, so if you have a dialup connection, open at your own risk.

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