what is the best colour of shoe and bag to match turquiose dress?

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mamasadiq24 asks:

what colour that goes with turquiose dress?

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Answer by lindseyg85
white or silver…

6 thoughts on “what is the best colour of shoe and bag to match turquiose dress?

  1. Non-shiny metallic toned down bleu
    I personally avoid white shoes unless I wear white…
    Silver and even gold or a dirty yellow would be fabulous as long as you match it with the accessories…

    All the colors should be toned down as to make the dress stand out…

    Good luck, looks like you are gonna look fabulous !

  2. Best is a lighter or darker shade of Turq. but will only be useful for that dress, Cost ettective black, as shoes and bag can be used with most of your new outfits. Cindy

  3. Silver will look great and you can easily get a matching bag/purse. A matching shade of green/turquoise may also be worth a a try. Take the dress with you to the shoe store. You can then hold the dress against you as you try on various shoes and styles (as the style is most important!). Good Luck.

  4. silver. no doubt about it. black or white would be horrible choices. Try them and you will see. Silver is the only color. (metallic)

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