What is a good height for a wallpaper border or shelf around a room.?


Michelle S asks:

I am preparing my son’s bedroom and I want to mount a narrow shelf all the way around the room. He has a chest of drawers that is 54-inches high, so I need the shelf to be above that height. I am planning on painting the walls blue above the shelf and brown below. I am looking for an idea on how high the shelf should be.
I have done a little research and the type shelf I am talking about is often referred to as a “mantel ledge”. My intention is for it to be about three inches deep.

Best answer:

Answer by woodtick314
How tall is the tallest person in your house? You don’t want the shelf to be a headknocker. If the tallest person is 6′ tall, I’d go 6′-6″, or 78″. That’s low enough to see the shelf and its contents, but high enough to avoid headaches. Hope this helps.

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