What happened to my recycle bin from the desktop?

Recycle Bin

Denys D. asks:

The icon for the recycling bin has recently disappeared from my desktop. I was trying to find it in the Windows folder (and sub folders) but couldn’t manage to find it. When I delete files, the regular message pops up: are you sure you want to send the following item(s) to the recycle bin? I say yes, and the files get deleted. Still I want to find it. Does anyone have any idea where I could find it/restore it? Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by WuZiMu
You have Vista i’m guessing?
It’s quite easy to accidentally delete it from the desktop with Vista.

Right-click your desktop and click personalize
On the left hand side of the window that opens click ‘Change desktop icons’
Tick Recycle Bin,
Click Apply, Then OK

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