Weekend Project: DIY Drawer Organizer

Organize your kitchen utensils and gadgets with this custom made plexiglass drawer organizer. Get the PDF for this project here: blog.makezine.com More great projects at www.makezine.com

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25 thoughts on “Weekend Project: DIY Drawer Organizer

  1. When did your channel turn into a mini Bob Vila “This Dork House” show??? Kip, you used to have really cool hacks and toys…..Now you’re making things that are about as much fun as watching Bob Ross on public television.

  2. This project can be found in make volume 22 by adam and eve: how to make a baby.
    Kip: Now that you’ve seen it, lets make it!

  3. @PhanNTran open your eyes and ears, its kipkay, the maker of the 007 lazer weapon, making a drawer organizer, that is really boring compare to his other creation, I’ve made one out of wood instead of plexiglass (or how ever its spelled) back in middle school, its shit. Most apartments come with one now too.

  4. @speedster1101 people have been bothering me with the same question the past year because of my comment, look at the other creations, drawer organizer is a boring project through, over and out. Kipkay have done many better projects.

  5. @SkateTheRemz thats not a toilet bowl brush its used to clean stuff that has an inner area that is too small to reach with the human hands

  6. @randomenvelope I agree. But you have to admit it looked a bit more “sexy” than IKEA`s stuff. All shinr u know 🙂

  7. @randomenvelope Well, i do love household quite a bit! am 13 years old though. Just supporting Kip-Kay. his getting older,.. or just running out of ideas. probably,. 🙂

  8. @MrSmileyThe its not kipkay, hes just advertising projects that are in the book, these are not his ideas, these are pre-made ideas from the book, make magazine. He puts his own ideas on his kipkay channel, his age has nothing to do with it, its this book

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