Tension Shower Rod Extensions – How to add it on??

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Erin asks:

I’ve just bought an extendable tension shower pole which comes with one main pole (with a spring and an extending pole inside it, which twists out to a certain width) and two extension poles, just regular poles on their own which fits into one another. I want to add just ONE of these poles onto it, but I don’t know how!

I don’t want to pull apart the main pole, because I think it’ll snap the spring inside, but the rubber ends on either end of the main pole (to protect whatever surface it goes on) don’t twist off. And I just cannot see any other logical way to get an extension onto the main pole. I’ve googled for the last hour and I cannot find a damn thing about it!

Best answer:

Answer by Sue
Sounds like they weren’t designed to work that way…

If you only need a little more length (like a half-inch) buy a pair of plain ceramic tiles at the home improvement store. They are easy to stick up with 2-sided tape on to the wall where the pole-ends rest.

If you need a LOT more length, the shower rod is probably not the right solution — it won’t have enough tension to hold any weight. You might need to switch back to a regular curtain rod, with brackets. You can hang the brackets from the top of a window frame or doorway (inside, hanging down) rather than on the walls to either side, if that’s the purpose.

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