Shelf Life chapter one part 1 (machinima)

Get the theme song here This is the first release of Shelf Life chapter one. It has been split into two parts so please be sure to watch both parts in order. This is part 1, please watch part 2 next. Closed Captioning credits: Russian: Terrabit ______________________________________ It’s about two scientists, one with the ability to visualize advanced theories related to the power of memory and the human brain, and one with the determination to do whatever it takes to reach a scientific breakthrough. They are both parts of one big puzzle, a puzzle that is a project that poses a bigger danger to humanity than anything else in history, and it’s up to one of them to expose the danger, even if it means putting himself at great risk.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Shelf Life chapter one part 1 (machinima)

  1. This is the greatest machinima, You even put effort into the background! LoL, I even saw a grigorgi hitting the bottle outside of the university xD

  2. Awsome! 3rd watch, been waiting for years…..when is the next one? Do you have a general idea or is it when you get to it?

  3. God, I just have to ask a few questions. A reply would be great
    1. How many people did you have to get to make this?
    2. What programs did you use?
    3. What addons did you use?

  4. @IOSFilmsHD
    1. 2 people
    2. & 3. Check the credits first, we used many different things…could answer specific Qs if you don’t see listed


  5. @pixeleyesproductions Thanks for the reply, are there any good tutorials on SDK faceposing? I’m making a machinima myself and I don’t want it looking like crap.

  6. So I found out that the name Charles Wentworth is actually from the movie “Fallen Angle”

    Wanna explain yourselves?

  7. I first discovered you guys by some chance suggestion of your trailer about 3 months before this came out.
    The originality of this, being not some more mindless humor clips got me interested, and the theme got me hooked, before I even watched the first installment. I couldn’t wait for the next episode.
    And here I am, two years later, thinking that the episode was to be posted by the end of that summer.

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