Removing old shower to install tub?

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We have an old small shower that we want to take out and install a bathtub. We know that we will need a plumber to move the plumbing over one wall, the current knobs and shower head shoot north to south and need to go east to west. The drain should be pretty close, may need to move a bit front or back. If I bought materials and took out the old shower, how much would a plumber charge to hook up the tub for us? We will tile, caulk, etc.


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Answer by Amulek
Easiest answer is to call 3 to 5 plumbers and get some bids. Different area require different wages. Get some bids.

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  1. Hi qfa,
    If you feel you have the skills to be able to properly install the curb, pan, and tile, you probably could be walked through the plumbing work as well. If you’d like to see others who have and be assisted by advice from remodel veterans, visit the link below.

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