Question about drying clothes on a drying rack?

Drying Rack

B asks:

I’m in college and I brought a drying rack with me. A lot of my clothes are hang to dry. Am I able to leave the drying rack in my closet with a few wet clothes on it?? Because I have no idea where else to put it (I would have it out, but I have underwear that can’t go into the dryer and I think it would be kind of weird when people came into my room and saw them lol). So please help or give me a suggestion of where to put it 🙂

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Answer by mary k
put it in the closet & leave the door cracked open to get air.

2 thoughts on “Question about drying clothes on a drying rack?

  1. Don’t put wet clothes in the closet – you will finish up with all the clothes in there getting damp and possibly mouldy. It is absolutely normal for everyone to wash their underwear so don’t worry about people seeing it What you could do is put all the underwear on one side of the rack and the big stuff on the other side, and then stand the rack with the underwear towards the wall so it will be hidden. (but not in contact with it or the wall will suffer)

  2. Well now that is the problem with drying racks to be efficient they need air circulation.Maybe on wash day you could run a small fan to hurry the process.If undies are that delicate they will dry in minutes,not hours.

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