NBA 2010-11 Season Tip-Off. Heat @ Celtics. T.O.N.I.G.H.T.! Predictions.?

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lovedoctor asks:

We know about tonights game. So I wont get into a long speech about it. Heat @ Celtics.
Heres my prediciton on:
– Starting lineup matchups
– Bench lineup matchups
– Coaching staff matchups
– Final Score

Rajon Rondo v. Carlos Arroyo
* Who can stop Rajon Rondo?! Even though Arroyo is good, he will not be able to keep Rondo infront of him. Even if you decided to start Mario Chalmers, he wont be able to. Not even Mike Miller, who is injured. The only thing that will hamper Rondo is his Assist / Turnover ratio. If he can control that, he & the C’s will be just fine!
-Advantage (Huge): Rondo (Celtics)

Ray Allen v. Dewayne Wade
* At 1st I wanted to call this matchup even, or have it slightly favor the Celtics. & I know I will catch Heat (no pun intended) for it. Due to Pierce guarding LeBron. This will put some more scoring pressure on Ray. But Ray’s defense has picked up considerably over the 2010 post-season. Wade will have to fight off screens from: J.O., Shaq, & K.G. to keep a body on Ray. But Wade will still find his spots & drive to the lane, therfore could have Ray looking lost & confused in the process!
-Advantage (Slight): Wade (Heat)

Paul Pierce v. LeBron James
* The Truth’s numbers will be down most likely anytime they meet because he will have the difficult task at hand to guard the “King”. As evidence in recent memory. We know what these 2 will try to out duel one another. So that will leave: K.G., Ray, Rondo, & M.A.Y.B.E. even Shaq to help pick up the offensive slack for Pierce.
-Advantage: LeBron (Heat)

Kevin Garnett v. Chris Bosh
*The Matchup that will possibly decide the game. Bosh will now be the 3rd option at best for the Heat. He tried to be “the M.A.N.” in Canada, & it never did work, resulting in three quick 1st round exits. He will have a hard time trying to guard even this version of Kevin Garnett. We saw the return (90%) of K.G. in the 2010 post-season & coming so close to the title in the ’10 Finals, has him now more motivated than ever. So I expect K.G. to come out & make Bosh kind of look bad, & possibly over-rated!
Advantage (small): K.G. (Celtics)

Shaq O’Neal v. Joel Anthony
* We still not too sure who will get the nod to start on the Heat, but you gotta believe at this stage of his career, Big Z cant start. Therefore expect Anthony to get the honors. But he is a modest, undersized 6’9, & I expect even this version of Shaq to run him and Big Z over with his power, even if he is on the floor for 23 – 25 mins. And now you gotta believe that Doc Rivers will get the most out of Shaq. Its no longer coaches: Mike Brown, Terry Porter, or Alvin Gentry.
-Advantage: Shaq (Celtics)

Doc Rivers v. Erik Spolestra
* Game 3 of the 1st round of the 2010 playoffs where Erik Spolestra had the chance to use Dorrell Wright to foul Paul Pierce, before he hit the game winner, putting the C’s up for a commanding 3-0 lead! Still lingers in my mind to this very day. Pierce should have been on the court all by himself then! Spolestra kind of comes off as a “Players Coach”. Meanwhile, Doc knows how to make the neccessary adjustments in order to win big in games like these, & can get the most out of his players, & expect tonight to be no different! Also factor in the rosters. C’s still have most of their lineup from 2010 post-season. Meanwhile the Heat has made an extreme makeover with 1 or 2 guys still remaining from last season as well.
-Advantage: Rivers (Celtics)

Celtics Bench v. Heat Bench
While people will continue to diss the Celtics starting lineup due to their age, no one is talking about how the Heat Bench is significantly older than the Celtics bench. How ironic huh?! They dont have an answer for potentially two 6th man of the year canidates in Nate Robinson & Glen Davis. Von Wafer can be a proven shooter that can come in behind Ray. J. O’Neal can still protect the basket & provide a defensive spark off the bench.

The only person that can give the Heat some legit help off the bench is Jerry Stackhouse. He will most likely struggle in tonights game as he just walked into the practice facility several days ago, & joined the team. So no offense, he will be a possible non-factor as they try to take time to integrate him into their system.
-Advantage: Celtics Bench (Celtics)

Prediction: 87- 93 Celtics

Enjoy the game. & I’m praying that the Refs wont be too “Stern” in their officiating tonight. Let me know what you think!

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Answer by Logics
this wasnt a long speech… lol i’d hate to see what a long one is

i predict Celtic’s take it, by 5-10 points.. Short and simple

5 thoughts on “NBA 2010-11 Season Tip-Off. Heat @ Celtics. T.O.N.I.G.H.T.! Predictions.?

  1. you know what.. i think its going to be a close.. I cant see ray or paul taking over in the last mins. I see Lebron and Wade taking over.. So i think Heat win by 5. good thing i get off of work at 5:30 lol

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