25 thoughts on “Mindstorms bubblegum sorter

  1. Built by the robotics group of your school? im guessing your a teacher, what school is it?i mean you should be on the news or be a little more famous these are simply the best lego creations ever!

  2. what would happen if you loaded gumballs when its putting them into a jar would it get confused and freeze up?

  3. he needs time money bricks and brains
    also he probably will sell those jars to replenish his money from buying all these legos
    i’ll give about $1 for a jar

  4. @Cheesepickles22 he is on a german school its called
    vhg bogen
    and they actually show these buildings on open house days when younger children and there parents are looking for a school in which they then go when they come into 5th class

  5. OMG! da fehlt nurnoch ne einheit die preisschilder drauf klebt und du bist im geschäfft.

    leider gehen mehr als 5* nich aber es muss reichen^^

  6. Moin, woher weiß die Maschine, welche Farbe das Kaugummie hat? Ist da irgendwo nen entsprechender Sensor?
    Ansonste: Tolle Sache das!

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