25 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – In The Closet

  1. yes, i know that enough.
    False is that sudden fake?propose during job.
    if continue, evrything is ok・・・

  2. ↓i answered to it, then he came hotter with ring, and came to DDsite without notice and kicked out my BF!

  3. >Does he know
    the movie”COLLECTOR”?
    He confines girl into underground just like his butterfly samples TILL DEATH!

    ♪deserted by my friends
    so now shes just for me♪

    thats the way hes doing things, movie after movie

  4. if you were having sex with Naomi, why would you want to keep it in the closet? I’d be telling everybody!

  5. our first meet was very dramatic
    she came to me
    “can i speak to you?”
    @entrance exam. of Kobe univ.,then we re-met @German Dept. of OUFS!!

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