25 thoughts on “Megadeth Hanger 18 (Live on Arsenio Hall, 1990)

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  4. Damn! I remember this episode.

    We were all talking about this the next day at school. Megadeth was big in the metal scene back in the early ’90s. I just remember how seemingly stunned the audience was after they played this song. LOL

    There was like a delayed applause from them, Dave Mustaine had a funny interview with Arsenio afterwards if I recall. Arenio was a cool cat, this was a good show. Had no idea show was cancled while I was in the Army (’95 -’98)

  5. @Ataraxia462

    He had other groups on his show like Faith No More, Fishbone, RHCP, Anthrax, Body Count, Living Colour, etc.

    It was not always just rap and R&B for him. David Letterman used to mix shit up, too. LOL

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