Looking for a way to scent a box made of popsicle sticks and yarn?


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Here’s the story:

For my girlfriend, I made a memory box out of popsicle sticks and glue. Inside are ticket stubs and parking passes and stuff from all our various dates. Wrapped around the box is white yarn to hide how ugly the glue was when it dried.

Now, my girlfriend loves the smell of my cologne, so I’m trying to think of some way to scent the box like my cologne. I’m trying to think of, specifically, a way to scent the box such that the scene (a) won’t be overpowering early on, and (b) won’t fade too quickly. Those things seem mutually exclusive, so I’m hoping someone can suggest a way.

Any tips are appreciated! Whether it scents the inside or the outside of the box is irrelevant – I figure the yarn’s better for holding the scent, but the inside of the box will hold the scent longer. Suggestions?
Note: when I say ‘scented’, I don’t mean smell-it-from-across-the-room, I mean when you lean near it, you can smell it – like an unlit scented candle.

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Answer by michellelmf
First I must say what a very thoughtful gift for your girlfriend!! Very sentimental and sweet! I hope she holds onto you!! ;o)

You can add some scent to the yarn it’ll hold for a bit, but will eventually fade and if you scent the sticks the wood will hold it as well, but may turn it a little darker in color.. If you lined the inside with some cotton balls those would hold the scent longer and glue some fabric over it so it’s nicely lined inside.. another way to hold scent ALOT longer would be to use a little corn cob, holds scents very well.. I make air fresheners with them. You can find at Wal Mart or a local pet shop too. put a little under some fabric and the scent will work for you too..
Best Wishes! Hope she appreciates it with whatever you choose to do!

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