Is there such a thing as a shower curtain with suction cups?

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celerybad asks:

The bath in this apartment does not have a rod so there is nothing to attach a shower curtain to. I’d like to find something I can use as a shower curtain that doesn’t require me to drill or add a rod to the bathroom. Any ideas?

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  1. You could always just buy a shower curtain and a bunch of those suction cups with hooks on them. A better solution might be to use a tension shower rod, which stay in place with springs and require no tools or permanent installation.

  2. Never heard of it!!!! I build houses for a living (master carpenter) i`ve build many bathrooms in my life time, and never heard of a shower curtain with suction cups. I just don’t see how it would work. As far as i`m concerned shower curtains go on the outside of the shower, meaning you would have to drag it back and fourth to get in and out of the shower.
    The purpose of the shower curtain is to keep the water inside the shower, if you had suction cups most of the time you would push the shower curtain out and drip on the floor. Maybe im just not up to date with shower curtains. I`ll be looking forward to see the outcome of this question and learn.

  3. they have rods that expand in and out and you just stretch it and it fits between the walls in your bathroom that is what i have and you don’t have to drill it or anything you can get them at most department stores

  4. actually they do sell shower curtains with suction cups, i have one in one of my bathrooms, all you have to do is suction them right up to the celing and a couple to the top of the side of the wall and then your set! the only problem with them is that they tend to fall down easier but hey its better then drillign some holes in the wall lol but it does depend on the type of ceiling you have. they do make different types though. i got mine at bed bath and beyond you could check that out or wal mart , ohh ikea has good ones too!!! or anywhere that sells stuff like that .. and they arent very expensive so thats another plus.. hope this helps

  5. You can buy a rod that you put up that does not require any drilling. It extends and then you twist it and it locks where you want it to be. Go check out the store and ask for one. I cannot think of what they are called but they will know what you are talking about.

  6. There are rods that use tension bars and you don’t have to install them. Just adjust the tension and length and put them up.

    As far as suction cup curtain, I don’tt ever remeber seeing any. Try the tension ord. Target, K Mart, places like that have them.

    If the rod is too long, say tub lenght and you can’t get a shower length one. Just get a tension rod in the regular curtain section of those stores and use it.

  7. Yes, we have these poles in both our showers that require no drilling or holes in the wall. You twist them out until they are the right width apart for your shower, then you put it up on the wall where you want it, then keep twisting it out until it is a snug fit. I’m not sure what they’re called, but if you go to the bathroom section of your local dept. store like kmart or walmart, I’m sure they will have it! It’s real easy!

  8. I got it! A tub! Fill it up…sit right down. They do make rods that are held in place by tension. They extend out and press against the wall and are held in place by pressure. Of course you could just stop showering and go granola, get a girlfriend with hairy pits and sit around make love bead necklaces together. Peace!

  9. I’ve never heard of one with suction cups, seems like that would be a problem with all the moisture and humidity of the shower. I know you said you didn’t want a rod, but there are tension rods which don’t require drilling, but are held in place by adjusting the tension of a rod with springs inside. That’s what I have in my laundry room.

  10. You can get a spring-loaded curtain rod from Wal-Mart. It has rubber on each end to help it stay up, and you can adjust the length by pulling outward or pushing in (kind of like an old-fashioned curtain rod). You want to adjust it to be just a bit longer than the area you need, and the springs are what help it stay up. They run about $ 6-$ 8.

  11. Shower curtain rods are spring loaded so you know. You don’t actually attach them to the wall you just twist them so the spring can expand and make it longer unitl it’s tight between the two walls.

  12. There are spring loaded rods available. They don’t damage the walls and you don’t have to drill any holes. Try going to one of the large DIY stores (Home Depot, Lowes) and see if they have any.

  13. yes, some have cups, and some have suction cups with hooks on them too, linen and things have them and bed, bath, and beyond.

  14. there are shower curtains with suction cups, but i do not know how strong they are. by the way, how did the previous tenant shower?

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