Is there any kind of paper towel that is safe for septic systems and plumbing?


Bakunin asks:

I’m pastor of a church and in one of the church bathrooms, people are always flushing paper towels down the toilet and that causes immense plumbing problems. The solution prior to now has been to post signs that prohibit paper towesls from that bathroom. Folks have to try to dry thier hands on toilet tissue, which seems sort of low-class and troublesome. Our alternatives seem to be
a) buy an electric dryer (costly and requires installation and running electricity through an older, concrete block building”
b) find a paper towel that will disintegrate and is septic/plumbing friendly that works better than toilet tissue.
Any thoughts.. are there such towels out there anywhere? How can we provide a hand-drying option that doesn’t leave our rest room with wet and disgusting toilet paper but isn’t damaging our sewage system?

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Answer by Apache Longbow
No. Simultaneously scream, wet your pants, and run in circles for hours.

7 thoughts on “Is there any kind of paper towel that is safe for septic systems and plumbing?

  1. I think a word or two from the pulpit is in need here.

    Or a sign or two in the bath rooms.

    Post one over a waste basket for paper towels. God said to put paper towels here.

    Or how about over the waste basket: send it to the Devil.

    Post one over the toilet. “Don’t send paper towels to the Devil.

    Or that towel may cause this toilet to back up.

    Say it is a sin to put paper towels down the toilet.

    I’m sure that you that you can find a good way to put it.

    Any thing that would break down in the septic system wouldn’t
    dry your hands to good.

    Not only are paper towels bad for the septic systems they can plug the toilet.

    They may not be easy to find but they or a least did have towels that were in a fixture that would unroll clean toweling & roll up the wet.

  2. nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    pee, poop & toilet paper only

    all toilets & plumbing

    septic – worse yet they don’t dissolve!

  3. CAll your local linen service company and ask that they install the old roll cloth type hand drying continuous towel system. They will give you a discount, and is certainly cheaper than paying for constant septic tank service. Paper towels and septic tanks do not get along well at all. Good luck

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