If I paint my bathroom black will it look too dark?


honey_dkc asks:

I have a small bathroom with light yellow tiles in the shower and the botton half of the whole bathroom. I would like to paint the top portion of the whole room black. It is a kids bathroom and yellow and black is their school colors.. I am only worried that it will make it too dark for a bathroom and/or be hard to paint over when and if we want to change it someday. Advice please!

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Answer by pete
no i’m sure it will look like a bright sunny day- sorry couldn’t resist- but for the kidds whatever. when you want to change it just start with a good heavy primer and it shouldn’t really be any harder to cover up than anyother dark color- couple coats. black bathroom- i don’t know?

5 thoughts on “If I paint my bathroom black will it look too dark?

  1. My ole man worked third shift.
    We painted the bedroom dark Grey with a black floor and white trim.
    It is dark, but I added small lamps and love it.

  2. My advice is …….. no on the black.

    Use a black shower curtain and black accessories, black towels, black window treatements … and keep the yellow.

    Just the black of the accessories will be borderline overwhelming.

    Yes black is hard to paint over. If painting over black you need to use a few layers of primer, then paint. If thats okay with you …. go for it… use black.

  3. No black–don’t do it. Very hard to keep clean and bad to light. Since it is school colors you can just hang thing on the walls and change them with ease.

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