i have a claw foot bathtub and now shower how do I hook one up?

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daytripper0006 asks:

The faucet for the tub is very skinny and i really don’t want to take baths all the time. I know nothing of pluming adapters. is there one that I could attach to the faucet to take showers. I looked online but all the adapters i saw require serious hook up and i live in an apartment building and im not sure if my landlord would approve. are there any faucets that anyone knows of that just screw in or something like that I could use? or am i going to have to change out the whole faucet ( if thats possible idk)

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Answer by Whisperer
I doubt if you would be able to locate an adapter to fit the tub’s faucet. Just change the faucet to one that you can use an adapter with. Then, you can hook-up a flexible hose with a shower head on it. There are shower attachments that fir on these old tubs which include the frame and curtain. You would have to do some web searching to find one. The landlord will probably approve this if you leave the arrangement there when you move out.

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  1. I hear you, I hated rennovating my bathroom.

    What is your budget?

    If you have a budget with forgiving boundaries then you may want to look into simply having a new shower/tub installed. Thats what I did anyways.

    I hate boring, cliche stuff, so I found http://showerdesignsource.com/ and I am now the proud owner of my dream shower 🙂

  2. If you have one of those very old faucets that has no threaded end and looks more like a nozzle and it’s tapered, you can attach a plastic hand held shower hose by cutting off the end that’s supposed to go on the faucet, pushing the cut end onto the nozzle, and securing it with a hose clamp. All you’ll need is a sharp knife like a utility knife(even a breadknife will do) and a slot screwdriver.

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