How to thoroughly clean face with a towel?


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How to thoroughly clean face with a towel?
Hi!I’d like to know how to clean one’s face using a towel, like for example the person is sick and he cannot get out of bed.Of course he still needs to clean his face right.So is it possible to put some kind of soap on the towel and how do you rinse it?Many Many Thanks!

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You wet the persons face with a wet wash cloth. Then you wet one part of the towel and apply some soap to it. Not too much. After that gently wash their face. Start at their forehead and come down one side of their face to the cheek. Do the same for the other side. Now, take the cloth and trail it from the side of the face to the nose, just below the eye area. Continue this same motion until you get to the jaw line and repeat on the other side. Now take the cloth and run it lightly on the top of the nose, then the chin. You might also want to continue down to the chin. Rinse off the soap and wring it out. Now go back to rinse the face by using the wet cloth and pat it into the face. You can repeat this if need be.

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  1. well first of all when someones is sick dont get them out of bed. in order to clean there face grab a small moist towel. its important to make sure its moist. then grab the moist towel and pour a LITTLE BIT of rubbing alcohol.softly rub against the persons face and after rubbing, softly tap all around there face at the end. the alcohol cleans out the pores.
    HOPE I HELPED!!!!! 🙂

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