How to send a liquor basket to a room in vegas from philadelphia?


hellotheresir asks:

My boyfriend is going to vegas with a couple of his friends for his 21st. I wanted to send a basket with a couple bottles of liquor to his room with a note so when he gets there its on his bed…does anyone know how i go about doing this?

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Answer by Screeie
First, you need to know the hotel he is staying at and th ename the room is registered. Look for the guest servie number of the hotel on the internet – or call the hotel directly and ask them. It is the concierge’s job to do things like this.

You will need to bill it to a Credit Card over the phone and give them all the ‘correct’ information. They will make it happen. My wife did something similar when I was on a trip and magically a 6pack of beer iced down just showed up in my room with a romantic card.

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