How to make eggs in a basket using egg whites?


Sophie asks:

I want to make eggs in a basket (toast with a cut out center with egg in the middle), but I typically don’t like to eat the yolk of the egg. Is it possible to make it using egg whites (it is the liquid kind)? Would I cook it the same way?

Thanks for any help and sorry for all of the questions.

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Answer by spociask
I make mine a different way. It’s called eggs in a nest. You can make these with or without yolks

Preheat oven to 350. Use foil to line your sheet pan (these will stick somewhat to the pan), and grease the surface with cooking spray. Put your bread slices (with hole cut out in them) on the sheet.

Separate the yolks and the whites (keeping each yolk in its half egg shell), then whip up the whites into a meringue (with a little bit of cream of tartar) untill stiff peaks form. Then scoop the whites into a pile into the hole cut in the bread, make a dent with a spoon, add a bit of butter, teaspoon of cream and then put the intact yolk back into that dent (this is the normal way). Salt and pepper on top.

Bake them about 8 minutes at 350. Till the whites start to turn a little golden on the surface. Remove from pan with a spatula. It’s a great breakfast to impress someone!

If you don’t want to put the yolk back in, add something else. Crumbled bacon maybe. Shredded cheese. Both! Maybe some chopped tomatoes, and chives. A few mushroom buttons.

Mmmm… I’m hungry.

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  1. Make Eggs in a Basket. recipe as Hen in a Nest, Chicken Egg Nest, … a slightly runnier white will help any that spills out of the ‘hole’ ..Eggs in a Basket is a quick and easy breakfast comfort food made in a frying pan or in the oven. … It’s also great for using up bread that’s on theā€¦ More … Bake for 10 to 20 minutes, until the egg white is solid. …

  2. The problem is that it will run (versus stay together as an egg would). What you could do is set a metal ring in the hole (use it to cut the hole in the bread and keep it there. Pour the egg sub in the ring (about 1/3 cup). While it is still runny, but ever so slightly set, pull the ring out let it run a little and then flip it. That way some of the egg will run into the bread.

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