How to install bathroom exhaust fans and what type must be installed?


SapphireBluePearl asks:

Please give me complete steps on how to install bathroom exhaust fans, specifically for public restrooms. (do i need to put pipes or other duct?)

Cite the benefits of installing such.

What type of ventilation fans must be used?

Please give me links to websites or links to ebook downloads for this.

Please help me, thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by PhilipM
Depends on City Codes as to if you need to vent to the Outside of the Building But just ot vent the bathrooms into the Ceiling or attic space above ceiling you can just cut a hole in the Ceiling tile or Sheetrock
attach two metal Runners if they are not already Installed on the fans Broan always sends them with the fan run 120 volts to the fan and put a switch leg if you want an off and on switch

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