How to get the recycle bin icon back on the desktop screen?

Recycle Bin

Jake L asks:

I wanted to empty my recycle bin but ended up deledting it. Can anyone tell me how can I get the recycle bin icon back to the desktop screen?

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Answer by hi!!!!!!
im not really sure.

5 thoughts on “How to get the recycle bin icon back on the desktop screen?

  1. LOL. I’d have to jump on my Windows machine to give you the best answer there. Fortunately, I doubt you deleted the actual program. That’s buried in the root files. Usually you can find it through search and add the shortcut back (but I’d have to verify this!) See what Help & Support says about it. It’s a great tool! (WIN+F1). Type in “lost recycle bin.”

    You should still be able to see it from Windows Explorer (right click on your My Computer icon and “explore.”) Maybe you can drag it back out from there. I’m going to have to duplicate this problem though. Interesting.

    Take care,

    p.s. There are a few other answers that popped up by using “Lost Recycle Bin” in Google. Check them out!

  2. You pick “Customize Desktop” in the control panel and then you can pick all the things you want on your desktop, like My Computer or the Recycle Bin.

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