How to get rid of plastic smell from new shower curtain liner?

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Hooray for Everything asks:

A week ago I got a new plastic shower curtain liner and hung it up. It gave off a strong plastic smell (I don’t know how else to describe it), but that wasn’t unexpected for a new plastic curtain. But, it is still giving off that strong plastic odor seven days later.

What can I do to get rid of the plastic odor?

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Answer by Smokin Jim
In the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Use some laundry soap and it will probably smell a whole lot better.

5 thoughts on “How to get rid of plastic smell from new shower curtain liner?

  1. You can’t unfortunately.

    These types of plastic shower curtains are made from vinyl (PVC, essentially) which in its pure state is a very stiff, rigid plastic. In order to make the material softer, so that it moves like a normal curtain, the vinyl incorporates a “plasticiser” which is a liquid that sits between the plastic molecules thereby creating a looser, softer stucture.

    Vinyl itself has no odour, what you can smell is the plasticiser, and since it will always be present in the vinyl there is nothing much you can do about it. Generally speaking, lower cost vinyls tend to incorporate lower priced (and more unpleasant smelling) plasticisers.

  2. Vinegar is the key to getting rid of any smell, whether it’s getting rid of smell for leaving the clothes to long in the washer to sink odors, i always keep it at home.
    Plastic smell makes me sick and i used to have your problem, what to do? fill the half the bathtub with warm water and add a little bit of detergent, downy (if you want) and 1/2 cup vinegar leave for 15 minutes then rinse. this should get rid of the smell completely.
    Vinegar is a God send use it for everything.
    hope this helps.

    EDIT: oh and i reported that troll, make sure you always report those people who give Nike answers.
    they should remove the answer soon.
    have a good day.

  3. I found that when I got new plastic totes they had the same smell. Try running some warm-ish water in the tub, and put a dab of scented shampoo in. Swish the curtain around, then leave it for 10 minutes. Doesn’t completely make the smell go away, but it does help. Then pick it up and rinse it out good. Then hang it to dry. Also, make sure your bathroom is ventilated, so that smell (as well as mold etc) won’t linger.



    PS: I’ve tried vinegar, and it works if you allow it to air out for a while, but occasionally it leaves a little bit of an odor. Depends on if it bothers you or not (it does bother me)
    I’ve found Febreeze won’t work, it can’t soak into the plastic and it will smell better momentarily. Try it if you like.

    I reported the Nike guy too… I always do those and the Acai people too 🙂

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