How to clean bathroom walls before painting?


zealous asks:

My bathroom walls are coated with hair, dust, fuzz from my towels and hairspay. I need to clean them before I paint. What cleaning products do you suggest I use?
Once cleaned, do I need to use a base primer? What type of paint should I use, Latex or Oil? How many coats? I already have the color chosen, I just need the how to tips. Thanks.

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Answer by Jay
There is a powder cleaning product called TSP, that you can purchase at any hardware store. Follow the directions on the box.

Buy the primer KILZ. After the walls are completely dry, paint them with the Kilz.

Then apply a water based enamel paint.

Never use a latex paint in the bathroom because moisture gets under it and it starts to bubble and pull away from the wall. All bleach does is change the color of the dirt and sterilize it.

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  1. Wash the wall with diluted bleach, then use Killz primer, then use a latex paint, and probly give it 2, but it needs 14 hours to dry beween coats for a good finish.

    I hope this helps you

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