How to build a shoe rack?

Shoe Rack

a1s2d3 asks:

I want to build my own shoe rack for my heels so that i can make it the exact size i want. Where can i find these chrome bars in a lotttttt of different sizes? I want it to look like this only a lot thinner and longer…VV

Help! =)

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Answer by cmos_specialist
It’s not that simple. The metal tubes are welded together and then chrome plated. I assume you don’t own a welder and plating equipment. Also, it will cost you far more to buy the raw tube stock, than you can buy the thing for

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  1. Best thing would be to try one of the bigger types of hardware stores. I know Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards ought to have something similar, but probably not in chrome. You could use the metal conduit that electrical wiring runs through. They may also have something else a little smaller that could be used, but I’m not thinking of anything else offhand. You can get longer pipes and cut them to length with a hacksaw.

    But… the other person who answered is also correct- you probably can’t make a rack exactly like this unless you’ve got a welder, and even then, it wouldn’t look like this unless you painted it.

    One way to make something similar to this would be to use wooden ends and run metal bars through them. The basic construction would involve 2 or 3 wood pieces, 1″ thick and as wide as you want the rack to be, probably 8 or 10″ (you’d use 3 pieces if you make it more than a couple feet long- the third would go in the middle for support). Cut the pipes to the length you want (should all be the same), then drill small holes through the pipe ~1/4″ in from each end- these will be used to hold screws or cotter pins to keep the pipe from sliding around (each of these should actually be a pair of holes, directly opposite each other across the diameter of the pipe). Then drill another set of holes in the end of each pipe ~1 1/4″ from the end. The wooden pieces should fit between these holes.

    Determine where you want the pipes to go through the wood to get the distance and angle you want and mark the pipe. Clamp the wood pieces together and drill all the way through both pieces to ensure the wooden supports have holes in the same place. Put the pipe through the holes in the wood, put in your screws or cotter pins on both sides of the wood to hold it in place. Repeat with all of the other pipes!

    It wouldn’t be nearly as pretty as the one in your photo, but would do the trick pretty nicely!

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