How to Box Fitness Boxing: A world class workout program for men and women. You don’t need to be a boxer to train like one. Learn proper boxing form and technique in the privacy of your own home. Select from a host of exercises or drillls and design your own boxing conditioning routine. Ladies will develop a lean, beautiful, figure. Men will build a powerful masculine physique while getting in Pro Boxer condition. Get in Fighting Shape with Fitness Boxing.

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  1. I fought in an amatuer boxing tournament the last two nights with no training and did well. Your video seems very helpful to me. I look forward to using your videos for tips to bring home the trophy in January.

  2. im a begginer too but i have been taught to throw the hook the way he demonstrated with the elbow up because it is more powerful and protects you better or at least that is what i was told. is his way of throwing the hook better for a specific reason

  3. Keep your elbow up and your hand on its side so your pinky is facing the ground and your pointer is facing the ceiling

  4. i was taught to have my hands alot higer in my stance ( cover my face ) u seem to have then a little lower does this mean im doin it wrong or are their just different styles

  5. Mike Tyson kept his hands on his cheekbones. Muhammad Ali kept his at his waist. I always taught my boxers to keep their hands on their cheekbones until they learned how to move their head and or to block punches. Once you learn how to slip, parry, and roll your shoulder you can relax the hands a little. My favorite saying is “keep your hand up, your chin down, and your butt off the canvas.”

  6. Why do people always put stupid fucking comments that have nothing to do with the video? Oh well, I guess I don’t ” have” to read them. Oh yeah great video by the way.he he

  7. Thank u sir, was trying to learn some boxing basics for my mma training and this really helps, also the leaning in the front leg for the left hook works reaaally nice, i was using a variation from karate but after i tried coming foward and hook it feels more powerful

  8. @KerryPharr true i think it just depends on your style and whether you have reach because tysons an inside fighter he has his hangs up so he doesnt get caught while hes on the inside and ali with his hands down cause he controlled the outside and really didnt have too block as much but what do i know i cant box thats why im looking at this video… good video by the way

  9. in the movie “the fighter” his game plan was that when you punch the opponet in the head they lift their hands up then you hit them in the kidney and they fall. is that a good game plan?? like would it work? please reply

  10. While fighting your opponent on the inside you quickly “tap” your adversary with a left hook to the head. He will raise his right hand to his right ear to block your hook leaving his body unprotected. At that point you “dig” a devastating left hook to his exposed right side. I’ve seen many professional boxers get knocked down after being hit with this shot.

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