How often should you change your face towel?


Poca Dreamz asks:

I have sensitive skin so im worried about a dirty towel being on my face and I change not only my body towel everyday but also my face towel. I don’t think this is weird but I just want to know if its necessary…any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Savannah
no, just wash it everyday to remove all the germs. use bleach or something.

2 thoughts on “How often should you change your face towel?

  1. I would do it weekly. If it ends up being very wet and you leave it laying in a pile, that will make it dirtier (bacteria grows on wet fabric when it doesn’t have the ability to “air out”) but if you hang it up, it should be fine for a week or so. Also if it ends up very very dirty from makeup or mud or whatever, probably change it earlier.

  2. If its just for drying, then you should only be patting it lightly on your face- so it wont get very dirty or wet. If you are scrubbing your face with it then thats wrong. Skin is sensitive and a towel being used on a face will break it out.

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