How far is the basket from the backboard?


MAk asks:

How far is the basket from the backboard of a basketball hoop? I mean that how much is the distance between the backboard and the basket?

Additional Question: How high is the basket from the ground,in normal cases?

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Answer by Jbrdl
how high’s the hoop from ground.. 10 ft.. how far’s the board from the basket, i don’t know. just shoot the ball brotha. -_-

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  1. depends on the rules system. Standard dimensions are 10 feet above the ground and 6 inches from the backboard to the rim.

    I looked it up, but the 10 foot thing is a no brainer. Played for years upon years. Lower rim heights are used for some leagues involving young players. They often use a smaller than standard ball as well.

    There is s slight difference according to source as to whether one measures to the center of the rim or to the edge of the rim. This is a trivial but not negligible difference. NBA says to measure six inches to the outer edge of the rim from the backboard. Not really a big issue in practice since the rim and bracket are manufactured as a unit (do not really measure anything at all since the measurement is built in). For height, you are supposed to measure from the ground to the TOP of the rim (the basket starts at 10 feet and extends the width of the rim down below 10 feet).

    In practice, one usually measures 10 feet to the top of the fixed bracket that holds the rim to the backboard, That is the easiest way, you draw a line on the backboard at ten feet and place the top of the bracket at that line.

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