How do you find the recycle bin in computer files?

Recycle Bin

momentarysilence asks:

I accidentally deleted my recycle bin off my desktop. How do you go about finding the recycle bin on the computer to put it back on to the desktop?

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Answer by gods_love38
lol. right click on your desktop, go to properties. click the desktop tab, then click customize desktop. you should be able to do it from there.

3 thoughts on “How do you find the recycle bin in computer files?

  1. Right click the desktop >Properties>Desktop Tab>Customize Desktop. Enable the recycle bin to show on the desktop.
    The other alternative is to restore your system to a previous date.

  2. If you use vista, right click on Desktop and press Personalize. On the left select “Change desktop icons”. Mark on Recycle bin. 🙂

  3. you could try press the start button and click on run and type in recycle bin you might be able to get it through there.

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