How do you clean a clear plastic shower curtain?

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tjmartin2000 asks:

How is the BEST way to clean a clear plastic shower curtain… of water spots?

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Answer by Julie
You can throw it in the washer with a towel and some bleach. But they are only a few bucks – just get a new one.

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  1. Place shower curtain together with towells and washing detergent in washing machine.
    Set on wool setting or delicates etc if automatic.
    When finished do not dry just hang up in shower again,it will be good as gold.♣

  2. It depends on what causes the water spots, but most likely it is caused by rust or mineral deposits (lime, etc.). Try some CLR diluted to the strength shown on the bottle. You should spot check a small area with the cleaner to see that it does not melt or damage the plastic. Actually, as it is also good for tubs too, I would suggest that you fill the tub with hot water and let it soak in the tub. Finally, rinse the tub and the curtain thoroughly before using either. Hang to dry and and spread it open. It is not a cure for mold, however, and if they are fuzzy black spots, that is what you have. You may consider that a new curtain is about $ 5 at Home Depot or Bed, Bath and Beyond, less than the cost of CLR and don’t forget your time (labor costs). Unless this is a family heirloom shower curtain, maybe you could splurge and buy a new one. Hey, it’s Christmas, it’s never to late to ask Santa. >>>>Merry Christmas!<<<<

  3. I have a clear shower curtain and I put it in m home washer with bleache and laundry soap and it came out perfect.

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