How do I attach appliques to a sheer shower curtain?

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Angel asks:

I have been looking for a dragonfly theme shower curtain, but nothing suits me. My newest bright idea is to purchase a sheer fabric shower curtain and attach appliques of my own design. Thinking that iron-on process would melt curtain. HELP

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Answer by Toffy
You might be right on that, but sheer curtains will take heat up to a point. Is sewing them on out of the question…it would only take a few of them spread out a bit for the effect to show. Another way is to glue them on with a good fabric, and washable glue. Light touch on the glue tho’ or it will soak thru, unless you use a silicone sheet underneath……nothing seems to stick to the silicone sheets….Finding large ones is a problem tho’.

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  1. Polyester sheer curtains will NOT melt if you iron them. How else do they sew hems if they do not iron the hems into place, then sew them???

    Just buy a iron on applique and press with the iron on the sheer or sew the appliques on with the sewing machine.

    I wouldn’t use glue, as sheer curtains are see-through, so your going to see the glue on the other side of the curtain.

    Either iron on, or sew on neatly. (Sewing on would be the most lasting)

  2. There is nothing wrong with sewing the items right to the curtain. Since you say the curtain is a sheer, that means you are likely using a shower curtain liner. This is the part that stops the water!
    Hot melt glue, used in iron on stuff, come in a variety of temperatures. You can test the level of the iron you would need on a lower corner small small bit to make sure it wont melt. Then again, you might only need to hold it in place with the hot melt long enough to sew. You can also use a spray adhesive. 3-M makes one that we use in auto upholstery. Lay the bits face down on a hunk of cardboard outside. Spray lightly with the glue, let dry and spray again. Now lift form the cardboard and apply to your curtain. Press with a book overnight for adhesion, then hang it up.

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