How do I attach a towel ring onto the bathroom wall?


moosetrax3 asks:

So, I have a towel ring that screws into the wall. But, it fell off because the hole in the wall got too big. When it fell off, I noticed that there were 3 other holes about the same size (therefore, all too big). How do I seal up the holes and make a new one so I can reattach the towel ring?

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Answer by Charlie
Fill the old holes with spackle. It comes in small containers or tubes. You just need a small putty knife to spread it on. To hang it properly, you will need to make sure the screw goes into a stud, or get yourself a wall anchor of which there are various types. The easiest are the ones that screw into the drywall, then you drive a screw into it. You can get them at any hardware store and even Walmart.

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  1. Since you have multiple holes,I would suggest this:
    There are patches (these have a metal plate in the center with a mesh on top) made for holes in walls,these are usually in sizes from 4 to 8 inches square. Depending on the size you need, cut the top layer of the drywall to expose the chalky part (gypsum). Be sure that you make the area large enough to accommodate the patch entirely.Use spackle and cover the patch and its edges completely, make the first coat thin and let it dry. The next and last coat should be as smooth as you can get it,once dry, sand the area smooth.Paint the area and re install your fixture. You will have to drill for the holes using a bit that is just smaller than the screw. It is possible to use self tapping screws also.

  2. Go by some spackle. You can get it at any home supply place. Even drug stores have it.

    Wipe the area with a damp cloth. Get rid of any loose debris. Fill in the area really well with the spackle. Make it as smooth as you can. You’ll need a putty knife for this. Let it dry really well. Sand it lightly to make it as smooth as the wall surrounding it. It comes in tint plastic containers, or large buckets. All you need is the smallest size.

    Re-spackle and sand again if necessary.

    Go buy some wall anchors. Plastic inserts that you put into a drilled hole and then attach the item with screws in these inserts. You can also find these just about any store. I think even large grocery stores have these things. Get the correct size tho…make sure of that.

    Drill the holes you need. Lightly tap these inserts into the holes. They should fit snugly.

    Now…you should have very sturdy anchor holes for attaching the towel ring, and as long as you don’t tug on it harshly it will way outlast screws placed into plain wallboard or sheet rock.

  3. You buy a small tub of spackling and fill in the holes with a putty knife. Before you screw into drywall, you put a plastic piece into the drywall and the screw goes into that. The newer plastic pieces look like a big screw and may be more effective:

    Here is what the new ones look like:

    And if you really wanted to do a great job, then you put some GOOP glue between the wall and the towel ring. Then, screw it in. GOOP is super awesome glue. It’s about $ 5 for a tube at home centers/ hardware stores.

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