How can you repair broken shower ring holes in a plastic shower curtain?

Lolly asks:

It’s a pretty expensive plastic shower curtain and a really cute design that the kids love, so I don’t want to get a new one. Two of the holes for the shower curtain rings have torn and regular tape won’t work. We also tried clear mailing tape. Anyone have any other tested and proven ideas?


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Answer by Jenn
Duct tape. Or try using a hot glue gun and overlapping the plastic just enough to hold it.

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  1. Fold the shower curtain over as though you were going to hem it, do this 2 times. use low temp hot glue or fabritack glue (get it at a craft store). then take a paper punch and replace the holes your up and showering

  2. Get a cheap shower curtain from Wal-Mart and cut out two of the grommet holes in 2″x2″ squares. Sew them on the back side of your shower curtain.

  3. Duct tape , it’s great for everything !! Just make sure the Curtain is Dry before you apply the tape !! Much Luck !!

  4. Have you tried duct tape or gorilla tape? It might be ugly, but should work if you tape it in a way that it folds over the top. In essence, doubling plying the tape…

  5. Duct tape might work – but it won’t be pretty. Although depending on the color of your curtain, they do make duct tape in colors other than grey now.

  6. Get a stainless washer the correct size at the hardware store and epoxy it onto the curtain on the tub side.

    You can also cut a couple rings off another curtain & epoxy them on the curtain.

    I had to fix my daughters that way.

  7. well i had the same problem and i agree with Jenn take the shower curtain down make sure it is dry and use duct tap when i used it on mine that thing lasted for 2more yrs. What would we do without duct tape. lol

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