How can I plant a box garden and where would be the best place to put it?



My friend has a box which is a wooden box of 12×12. It has a wall around the box of 2 feet and it is painted with his art work. My father wants it in the back of the house but I want it on the corner of the house. My dad wants a veges to be planted in it. I want to put herbs and plants that will help keep us health. Maybe I should of said what type of art work. Jason is in to nuked mermaids and other fantasy pictures. I love his art work. Jason one day will be big in the art world. Dad hates it. He want Jason to be like in a business man. So what do you think? How do I go about plant a box graden ? where should I put it?

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Answer by angelikabertrand64
If it is for a veggie garden, best advice is following. I have read hundreds of garden books. They say: You will need to watch where the sun is arround your home. Cause you need at least 8 good hours of sunshine in your veggie bed. You can determin that by watching how the Sun is moving from the beginning of the day until the evening. Keep a log and draw it out. Make a plan that way.

You can also go to the Web sites

under gardening you type in raised garden beds.

If you have lot’s of place arround your home, just make a few garden beds so it suits you and your father.

another idea, I am going to do . I collecting magazines from Bird& Blooms. It’s lovely magazine, with ton’s of ideas and tips for your yard.
Nevertheless, keep the fotos and than look out for an old bench in the yard sales. And than take opac I think that’s name of that procedure and and decorate your bench with it. Give it a focal point in your garden. I know that was not the question, but just giving you some hints. Good luck.

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