How can I make a recipe organizer?


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I was going to get my mother a recipe organizer when I realized it might be better if I made one. Then I realized, how? Any suggestions?

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Answer by nancy m
I use a photo album that holds index card size photos. The plastic protects the recipes and they are easy to find.

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  1. I used a binder and got some of those clear page covers, then i put the recipies on looseleaf, or you could type them, and stick them in there back to back, so it is like a real book.

  2. I make my own recipe cards from templates so they have a personal touch and I keep them in an index card file with personal dividers. I made them with 4×6 index cards and labels from Office Max. It’s great because I can make my own categories like Christmas and Family Favs. I also laminate my cards so I can take them out when I need them and if they get dirty I can wipe them off.

  3. Easy . . . You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

    1. Type “recipe organizer” above in the search box and click “Search.” You’ll get dozens and dozens of ideas.

    2. Cruise the web. Do a search on “recipe organizer” and find something you like.

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