How can i hook up a subwoofer to an audio reciever with no subwoofer output?


Andrew Welsh asks:

I purchased an audio receiver from amazon (Sony STR dh100) that only had 2 channels. Much to my disapointment, I realized that I could’nt hook up a subwoofer. Is there anyway I could hook up a subwoofer that would receive the low level frequencies? In other words could I hook up a subwoofer and have it function properly?

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Answer by Kevin L
The only way of hooking up a subwoofer to your speakers is passively from the receiver’s speaker outputs to the subwoofer and then to your main speakers. If its a active subwoofer, no you cannot it does not have ether a subwoofer or main pre- outputs.

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  1. Yes. The trick is getting an active subwoofer that has speaker level inputs. Typically it will have two sets of speaker terminals – IN and OUT. The IN will come from your Sony STR dh100 speaker outputs. The subwoofer will not use the receiver’s output power to drive it directly but will direct a tiny amount of current to it’s pre amplifier / crossover / power amplifier and will mix the two channels. The OUT will go to your main speakers in an unmixed state but, in some cases, after a high pass filter.
    Here are examples of such a subwoofer:
    This firm also sells subwoofers in kit form if you are interested in DIY.
    Here’s one from Yamaha:

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