Help me find this shelf?

Laundry Sorter

Nicole asks:

I know exactly what i need and want
i just can’t find it =[[
if you could find it at either walmart or target or some place like common like that
and the cheaper the better, it can be metal or wood or whatever so long as it fits my description please try and keep it under $ 50

I am looking for a shelving unit that i can fit a 3 ft tall triple laundry sorter under
i would like it to have a shelf right above that for a little desk area
and a shelf/top about that were i can put little knick knacks on display
the triple laundry sorter is on wheels so the first shelf on the unit must start at 3 ft or more above the ground
if it has more shelves than specified thats find i have enough junk to fill ’em up lol

thank you in advance!!

Best answer:

Answer by Erin P
Hmm- that’s a toughie. When I read your description, I immediately think about the adjustable rail systems I’ve seen before where you screw two metal strips vertically into the wall however far apart you wish. You then put brackets at whatever height you choose and then can place a shelf or a larger surface on top of that. I know I’ve seen these systems at Home Depot.

Or, try Ikea. You can get floating shelves that have the bracket you screw to the wall with ‘prongs’ that stick out and then you just pop the shelf onto the prongs. You just have to make sure the bracket is straight.

HTH- good luck!

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