Hand Held Shower head in tub?

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molls77 asks:

We are having a friend move into our house for a few weeks. The front bathroom has a tub but no shower. The tub faucet is a normal tub faucet. Is it possible to just get a handheld shower head to hook up to the tub facucet? I dont want to go through the whole knocking a hole in the wall and plumbing at the moment.

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Answer by April W
Sorry, you’ll be better of knocking the hole in the wall.

4 thoughts on “Hand Held Shower head in tub?

  1. yes, you can find diverters that will attach to your tub spout. you may have to change the tub spout for one that has a built in spout.

    You can find these at most Wal Marts, K Marts, or your local plumbing stores

  2. All you need to do is purchase a new tub spout with a built in diverer. Depending on the attachment type (screw in type or slide on) this is a pretty easy job. The only difficult part is removing the old spout- make sure you cut away any old caulk and take care in not breaking the spout attachment behind the tile. To find the tub spout with diverter, google “Tub Spout with Hand Held Shower Diverter”. There’s a few manufacturers out there. Then all you need to do is install the handheld shower to the wall, I prefer the bar “slider” type so you can adjust the height as necessary. Good luck!

  3. You can change the tub spout out for one that has a tap for the handheld.
    Olsons or Delta makes good handhelds.

    About 40 to 60 bucks for the handheld shower and the tub spout with the side tap and you’re going.

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