Dinning in a family restaurant is this legal if they…?

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Yonkers2811 asks:

Dinning in a family restaurant is this legal if they tell you the all you can eat chicken buffet is $ 7.99 so you and your friend order it. yous had one plate of food so far. during 20 minutes into the meal. and is still hungery so you go to the buffet to retrive more food but the main part is empty no more chicken at all but maybe 1 little chicken wing left. so you tell the waitress the chicken is all gone you need more and she tells you with a grin well thats it no more left. once what is on the buffet runs out thats the end of the buffet. No more try refiles. I say what time is the buffet over she says no set time its just till the food runs out then its done. Now me and my freind is siting there still hungery what do we do? Its not fare that we get charged for the all you can eat and pay the $ 7.99 and we cant have more because they are not refilling the tray. If we are still hungery we got to order form the menu and be charged again. Is this legal that they can sale you a all you can eat buffet and then tell you oh well if you can get more becuase its all gone no seconds sorry. Can they legally do this or are they obligated to refile the tray if your hungery or give you something off the menu for free once. Anyways I talked ot the manager and she said the only think I can do it give you a disscount on your bill for only couble dollars thats all. so she made the adjustment and all we got credit was that $ 2.00 out of a $ 19.00 bill and walk away hungery. Is this legal if not what is the code or illigal name for it conduct. I want to say myself if they sel you a all you can eat and things run out with no refile this is a breach of agreemtn in the order but I could be wrong tell me if im right becuase just if something it a not done right dont make it illigal in this case I dont know if it is what do you think. can be done or how do I look it up.
The Buffet is most of the time cold and they dont use warmers at all and WILL NOT warn the food or your plate either they say its cold oh well nothing we can do about it. I said well you can warm it us the egg is ice cold can you warm my plate in the microwave she said we dont do that sorry. But this place is always jamed pack sometimes you go tot wait to get a seat..lol imagine that. It seems no one cares it seems like a grin and bare it buffet things with these people.

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Answer by Look out for Snakes!
Try contacting your local TV news guy who investigates consumer ripoffs. Sounds like you have a legitimate beef. Let the media know, nothing a restaurant wants less than negative publicity. Let people know and they might stop showing up. That’ll show ’em.

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  1. It’s not illegal. There is no requirement that a restaurant that offers “all you can eat” serve you the food of your choice until you get full. And they are not required to give you food for free from the regular menu. (Many restaurants have actually started posting that they can limit the “all you can eat” portion of the offer if they have customers who are eating vast quantities of one specific food. This is also legal.)

    I would assume there was other food available on the buffet because you said the main part was empty – it sounds as though there was still other selections. With the discount you were given, it sounds as though you got a plate of food for $ 6.99 . . . that seems reasonable – especially considering you could have gotten more food.

    My suggestion is that you write a letter to the owner explaining the situation in very polite detail. Let the owner know that you think it is unfair and deceptive advertising to sell an “all you can eat” buffet without advising customers that no additional food will be added to the buffet so they can decide for themselves if it’s worth it. A good business owner will make this problem right because I good business owner will understand that a happy customer is a repeat customer.

  2. Restaurants have no legal obligation to keep 100% of their menu items available 100% of the time. That goes for the buffet as well. If they ran out of chicken, they ran out of chicken. You aren’t entitled to free food. What in the heck is wrong with Americans these days?

    Go earlier next time.

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